Traditional Fashion: India (Uttaranchal)

The traditional fashion of Uttarakhand is very sober and very beautiful.

Women Traditional Dress:
The traditional dress of the women of Uttarakhand is either ghagri and choli or a simple cotton saree wrapped in a very different style forming a kind of big pocket at front portion of the tummy. Ghagri is a kind of long and loose skirt and choli is an Indian blouse. Alongwith ghagri and choli, a cloth covering the head and the front portion, which is called Orhni is also a must. The traditional outfit of Kumaoni Bride is Ghagra-Pichora (Ghagra-Choli). The sindoor is smeared on the forehead and the gold necklace, called  nath are the main features.

Men Traditional Dress
The traditional dress of men includes a cotton dhoti, which is used as a lower, and Kurta is used generally for upper portion. A headgear  is almost  a compulsion for men.. Apart from dhoti-kurta men also love wearing kurtaa –payjama.

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