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guide4goofs said...

What is the name of the first font? Where can I find it?

anon said...

what is the font name of the first font that says:

super fabulous lettering

as the first sentence??


Mel said...

Please, I need to know how the "the food of the soul" lettering is named.
Thanks! Hope u answer.

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't you include the name of the fonts so that those who see them could search for them on their own? Now I have to go try to identify them myself.

Anonymous said...

It would be hugely helpful if the fonts were named or links is, this is just a completely annoying, unhelpful webpage

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I need the font name of the 1st one on top. You should post the font names if you're going to post fonts. It would be helpful. Otherwise what's the point.

Rocky Rawat said...
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