Shahrukh Khan - A style statement

ShahRukh Khan is a Metrosexual Man. He look cool, casual and yet stylish. His casual wears look lazy, yet stylish. His usual style is blue denim with any colored shirt. Jeans and a white shirt are a must in your wardrobe if you want to follow his casual trend. His perfect toned body is just icing on the cake. Whatever he wears id perfectly fits on his body and adds to his glamour.
SRK believes in style of dress that gives an impression of confidence and efficiency. He binds the fashion rules for suits, which is use of white, black and shades of grey, but he does not shy away from trying out. If you want to look like Shahrukh then use black suits with no tie teamed with big dial watches, which is the only accessory for the dress.
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