Landmark & Lions iPhone wallets

There's little I hate more then having the lines of a pair of trousers or a good suit ruined by the daily requirement to carry the likes of a key, a wallet and a phone. Second to that I can't stand things floating about in a man bag. So it is that finding the perfect accessories to alleviate these two problems has become something of a hobby for me.

While I'm still undecided about exactly which phone I'll replace my iPhone 3GS with, I can tell that no matter what it is I'll be seeking out a case-cum-wallet to carry it in. The kind of case-cum-wallet that helps keep the clean lines of a suit and is easy to find within a man bag. The kind of case-cum-wallet that Landmarks and Lions can hand make for you.

iphone wallet case

From their Atherton Collection, the above case, with its lambskin outer and felt innards, caught my eye. I'd probably avoid turquoise finish to the felt and opt instead for a grey or a white.

The other temptation would come in the shape of a full wallet from their Madison Collection.

iphone wallet case

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