Stylish and Trendy jackets for men

Jackets has always been an integral part of men fashion. A well-fitted jacket enhances your personality and your physique. There are thousands of jacket designs to choose from these days, but one should always keep his physique, looks and taste in consideration before purchasing a jacket. For instance, a bulky guy should never opt a tight fitted jacket. No matter how good and attractive it looks. Fashion is all about how you carry your outfits not displaying the present trends and styles.

Few tips for buying a perfect jacket for skinny/thin guys - 

Always buy a jacket which is lighter on the shoulders (light shoulder padding). Never misjudge the situation here. The bigger or heavier shouldered jacket won't make you look muscular, infact it will give an impression as if its someone elses jacket or over-sized jacket for you. The overall outlook will look cheap though your jacket may be very expensive. Please be careful. You can also opt for the jackets with elastic waistbands. This will highlight your upper chest and shoulders and you will look on a bit heavier side

Few tips for buying a perfect jacket for fat/Bulky guys - 

The guys who are on heavier side should buy a straight jacket with a streamlined cut. This will eliminate or minimize the bulkier look around your mid section area. Never go for a jacket which has elastic waistbands. This will make you look even more bulky or fat.


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